UX Writing: Case Study (Indonesia app)

“Words is matters”

I think that quote can describe what UX writing is,

Because of the words, we can feel close, feel like we talk with humans, and not a machine (app).

For example:

Gojek made the different approaching to the customers through the content inside the app. With picture and writing style. Let’s see the difference!

Gojek order page before

The picture not that relatable, and the writing just like tell customers if they don’t do any order and tell to do it. Just it

Gojek order page now

It turned out! look! it’s getting came alive when they change the illustration and writing. Illustrator made the picture seems to relate with the driver’s life, and the writer tries to tell the customers how glad the driver when they order via gojek. it feels like the app close to our life.

From that amazing-simple things, I do some experiment about UX Writing.
I do rewriting a page in the app to another version from the original version, and then i make the polling section in my Instagram story and i match the brand voice to my followers, which is dominance a young people (18–24 yo).

According to the Gojek app, they make sound tones in writing in a familiar, close and relatable. That’s what most millennials do, and it becomes extraordinary.

  1. Connection fail message #1
Source from my instagram story (@fadhilhaqq)

Polls show that the dominant voter in A, which I rewrote. the original version (B) is difficult for users to understand with that strange code. I show the problem and how to solve it with a sound like we talk to them as humans.


Help people easily understand how you can do it in that situation.


Tell what needs to be done, and show what happens in a different voice.

How i helped

a. Rewrite text with a new voice

b. Do research with polling in Instagram story

2. Connection fail message #2

Source from my instagram story (@fadhilhaqq)

The original version makes the writing like wasteful, with the internet and subtext, explain that it has no connection, it’s same.

Because of that, i rewrite the text with a different tone of voice and match it to the illustration that couldn’t changed. Also, i tell the customers the act that they have to do.

And polling shows (B) what i rewrite got the winning poling. like, “how significance that”


Help people to easily understand the situation


Change the voice with what’s market likes. And tell what have to do

How i helped

a. Change the tone of voice

b. Match it with the illustration

c. Do test with polling

3. Connection fail message #3

Source from my instagram story (@fadhilhaqq)

I try my best, seriously. But, after i check for the second time, i did a mistake. I have not written instructions on what the customer should do in that situation.

Because of that, my result polling is 50:50


Change the tone of voice in with the copy that may be “no problem”


Get the customers a new experience with the writing voice

How i helped

a. Rewrite with the new voice

b. Do test with polling

4. Book order page (rent car app)

Source from my instagram story (@fadhilhaqq)

The results are not significant but, easy to see. the voting was dominated by my writing with a new voice. I simplified what happened on the order page, and I told them they had help from the application.


Help people to understand that they haven’t ordered anything


Describe how this rent car app in simple, and clear language

How i helped

a. Rewrite with simple text

b. Do test with polling

5. Book order page (reseller app)

Source from my instagram story (@fadhilhaqq)

Illustration makes it different. Like, wow! I did it with a simple change, and affect the result.


Help people to feel what’s going on with the empty cart.


Describe how it feels

How i helped

a. Change the illustration with “sad emoji”

b. Rewrite the tone of voice

c. Do test polling in instagram story.

Gojek’s tone of voice make them in another level between other apps. After i do the same voice from gojek, amazingly i surprise the result of polling.

The brand voice tells people who you are, differentiates you from the rest, and it helps build trust.

The quote from Galih’s blog shows how important the brand voice is.

Also, i love the quote from Galih Pambudi as a UX Writer in Gojek in his blog, he said that:

When you can’t feel someone’s character, you can’t feel their presence. When you can’t feel their presence, you can’t build a connection, and without a connection, there is no love. — Galih

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